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Serving Society 

Giving opportunities for entrepreneurs to tab global market of 2 Trillion.

About the Service

The objects for which the council is established are:


I.To help alleviate poverty by enabling access to the basic necessities of life including clean, safe and nutritious food, clean and safe drinking water, shelter, education and livelihoods for people deprived from such access.


II.To advise/identify/certify the clean and safe Food & Better Lifestyle for the society with mindful of encouragement.


III.To globalize the idea of clean lifestyle including food, wealthy lifestyle for all human.


IV.To promote social welfare activities intended for the general welfare of the public such as welfare of the destitute, family, women, children and the handicapped and assistance in cases of un-employment, under employment, old age, sickness, disablement and other cases of deserving needs and promote social, cultural, sports, health and recreational activities and Bringing to mainstream ST, SC, OBC & Minorities, and enabling them to participate in the development process in an equitable manner.

The Hard Truth

2 billion

people of Halal Global Market


Profit of grater market share


OIC countries Export Gateway

While providing Halal certification, a competent authority audits and ensures that the business:

  • Neither is nor consist of or contains any part or matter of an animal that a Muslim is prohibited by Shariah to consume or that has not been slaughtered in accordance with Shariah.

  • Does not contain anything which is considered to be impure according to Shariah.

  • Has not been prepared, processed or manufactured using an instrument that was not free from anything impure according to Shariah; and

  • Has not in the course of preparation, processing or storage been in contact with or close proximity to any food that fails to satisfy paragraph (a) (b) or (c) or anything that is considered to be impure according to Hukum Shariah.

Step 1: Application

The business wishing to obtain Halal Certification must apply. It is important for the business to be aware of Halal Certification requirements at this stage and ensure that it is compliant with Halal requirements, Halal systems requirements and Halal staffing requirements.

Step 2: Audit

Once the application information is verified, Auditors (usually one Shariah Auditor and one Technical Auditor) will visit the business for inspection. The Auditors will verify if the following areas are acceptable for Halal Certification:

  • Documentation

  • Processing, handling and product distribution

  • Storage, display and product serving

  • Cleanliness, sanitary and food safety

  • The overall aspects of the premises

  • Tools, apparatus and machines

  • Packaging and labeling

During the audit, the business might have to provide criteria of acceptance of raw materials (ingredients), certificate of analysis and Halal certificate of individual ingredient. Once, the audit is completed, an audit report will be prepared and signed by both parties.

Step 3: Certification

Once the Halal audit is complete, a Technical Committee will review the documents submitted by the business and the audit report submitted by the Auditors. If the audit report is satisfactory and the business and/or products satisfy the Halal certification criteria’s, then the Halal Certification Body issues the Halal Certificate.

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