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RnD & Audit Assistance
(Domestic & International)

Documentation Charges Only**

Halal & Shariah Assistance
(Domestic & International)

Free of Cost**

Certification Assistance
(Domestic & International)

Documentation Charges Only**

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The objects for which the company is established are:


I.To help alleviate poverty by enabling access to the basic necessities of life including clean, safe and nutritious food, clean and safe drinking water, shelter, education and livelihoods for people deprived from such access.


II.To advise/identify/certify the clean and safe Food & Better Lifestyle for the society with mindful of encouragement.


III.To globalize the idea of clean lifestyle including food, wealthy lifestyle for all human.


IV.To promote social welfare activities intended for the general welfare of the public such as welfare of the destitute, family, women, children and the handicapped and assistance in cases of un-employment, under employment, old age, sickness, disablement and other cases of deserving needs and promote social, cultural, sports, health and recreational activities and Bringing to mainstream ST, SC, OBC & Minorities, and enabling them to participate in the development process in an equitable manner.

Ways to Make a Change

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